General Info & Disclaimers

A few things to get started with…I believe in the Freedom of Speech, but not your Freedom to be an Asshat to my other readers. You may comment and say what you’d like about my post, my thoughts or me, but lets play nice when addressing each other.

Please note that I am not a professional and in fact, I’m a novice so if you listen to anything I say about money or investing etc, it’s at your own damn risk.

Also, if read or see something you like, I’m most likely happy to share if you let me know. If you’re using it to profit, I might like a little of that…BUT if I find out you’re using my stuff without my permission, I have a whole bunch of friends with law degrees and nothing to do with them yet other than my legal bidding.

If I’ve reviewed something, you can guess that I spent my very own money on it unless I specifically state otherwise. If you have something you’d like me to review, please contact me directly and I’ll think about it.

If you have something that wasn’t covered above, would like to guest post, have an idea for a mission for me or would like to message me privately, please do so at cuteellaisbold(at)gmail(dot)com

Welcome to my journey!


One Response to “General Info & Disclaimers”

  1. Jana Albl Says:


    My name is Jana and I wanted to tell you about a new site I and others have put together, called:

    It’s a community for those suffering from debt, to give moral support and help each other to finally get free from debt.

    I was thinking you might find it interesting, since you write a blog about debt — this is clearly important to you.

    Will you be interested in a link exchange or a guest article from us?

    Thank you and have a nice day.


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