Challenges for October 2011 – Recap

October’s Challenges had a lot of ambition behind them and while I didn’t do as well as I’d like to have done, I can be comfortable with how it turned out – mostly.

Yes, I call them Challenges rather than Goals because I’m a competitive sort of person with myself and think it’ll make me more likely to get stuff done. It’s October which means that my quarterly items from my 101 in 1,001 need to be done too.

  • Complete weeks 1-4 of Couch to 5KNo. I hurt my knee, got sick and recovery has taken longer than I’d have liked.
  • Update resume – I looked at it and made some adjustments, but I think it needs a major overhaul and I didn’t have time for that this month.
  • Go through closet and dresser for tossing/donation/sell back – I threw some stuff away and have some more to go through but this didn’t get finished. Oh well.
  • Save 75% of swim pay and babysitting pay 
  • List 2 items on Etsy Nope. And no reason other than I didn’t.
  • Track spending and establish budget for November – I have an idea, but October was NOT the month to attempt this. I didn’t think clearly about the travel I’d be doing for work and other things which made October an anomaly in spending. Hopefully! I have a working budget that can be tweaked over the next few months. 
  • Start making lists for the holiday shopping seasonI’ve started the lists, hand made items getting started and planning baking.
  • Submit for reimbursement for LP tripDONE!
  • No shopping for me other than work related stuff for convention. No, I picked up a long sleeve workout shirt for dance class, but am back into a boys XL size! Also I found a yarn that I love for a scarf for ME!
  • Send out packages to D, The Bro, and BatGirl – The Bro’s base is no longer accepting packages and the others didn’t go.
  • Write for 4 of my JoyJuice prompts – I had every intention of doing this, but time just gets away from me and sometimes, the last thing I want to do is think.
  • Pick Sewing Sunday with friendsOctober didn’t work out, but November’s is scheduled!
  • Bring lunch 4 days a week and only 2 dinners out a week (one with Gia, one with Frank) Not counting convention days and birthdays, I think I did this!
  • Pack up winter hats to send home – I have a few more to do up and then I will. Due to what seems like an extended winter season back home, I’m fairly confidant that they’ll be well received no matter when they get there!
  • Make eye appointmentAppt made, and attended! Next I have to pick out new frames for my glasses.

I totally thought I could get more done than I did and although my reasons for much of what didn’t get accomplished are valid, I’m a little disappointed in myself. When I set my challenges for November, I will try to be more realistic.

How did you do this month?


One Response to “Challenges for October 2011 – Recap”

  1. BatGirl Says:

    I’m so overdue on sending you mail, let alone a package, so don’t worry on that one, lol

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