Challenges for October 2011

And I’m back. What better way to return than a post about what I’d like to accomplish this month? Some of it’s money, some of it’s fitness, all of it requires attention!

Yes, I call them Challenges rather than Goals because I’m a competitive sort of person with myself and think it’ll make me more likely to get stuff done. It’s October which means that my quarterly items from my 101 in 1,001 need to be done too.

  • Complete weeks 1-4 of Couch to 5K
  • Update resume
  • Go through closet and dresser for tossing/donation/sell back
  • Save 75% of swim pay and babysitting pay
  • List 2 items on Etsy
  • Track spending and establish budget for November
  • Start making lists for the holiday shopping season
  • Submit for reimbursement for LP trip
  • No shopping for me other than work related stuff for convention.
  • Send out packages to D, The Bro, and BatGirl
  • Write for 4 of my JoyJuice prompts
  • Pick Sewing Sunday with friends
  • Bring lunch 4 days a week and only 2 dinners out a week (one with Gia, one with Frank)
  • Pack up winter hats to send home
  • Make eye appointment

I think that’s good for now, I don’t want to get too ambitious. Ha.

What would you like to accomplish in October?


2 Responses to “Challenges for October 2011”

  1. Sue Says:

    If I survive the month without shoving someone down a flight of stairs, I’m calling it a win.

    Seriously – track calories and exercise every (OK, most) days this month. Eat at home except for the planned outings with friends.

    Use coupons wherever possible.

    Establish a budget and start Christmas shopping.

  2. bergiepowers Says:

    Good list. I am starting to plan for the holidays as well. Still figuring out budgeting for that time. Good to be planning in October!

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