Where to go from here?

money goalsAs life starts to settle down a bit, I’ve been thinking about what my savings goals should be. I know what they were, but now that I’ve bought a new car and moved, what should be next?

I know that we will likely be moving again in a year or two, and my car should be fine for quite a bit, but you never know so I want to sock some money away there (maybe $1,000 just in case?) but neither is really as pressing as it was earlier this year.

Emergency fund and Six Months are still important to me, but the Six Months is so daunting. Maybe for now I’ll snowball (or sweep) that until I get some of the other stuff caught up. I’ll need my Christmas Gifts money soon enough, you know.

School is totally on the table, but I attended a training that put a whole new idea in my head and it is so completely different that I’m not sure how to approach it. It would be at a totally different (and more expensive) school and may require more undergrad classes before I could even start the Masters.

I have a lot to think about on a personal financial level and a lot to discuss with that guy I like a whole lot on a joint financial level.

Which brings me to another question of how we’re going to merge our finances or if we are even going to at all. I guess that’s a wait and see for now until he finds a job and has income coming in so we can see where we are then.

It’s all very confusing right now!

I should probably start with my usual process when things are confusing and chaotic – pick one thing and just do it. I mean it’s not like I can’t transfer money when I figure stuff out more, right?




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