Challenges for this week (May 23-29) Recap

GoalsChallenges for this week (May 23-29, 2011):

  • Bring lunch all but one day (Ladies Lunch!) – Nope. I went out for lunch on Thursday because I had to get paperwork to the bank. And it was delicious!
  • Take printer to get fixed (under warranty) – Yes! Hopefully I’ll have it back this week.
  • Make dinner at least 2 nights. (And not just sandwiches or cereal.) No. Sadly, but in my own defense, I was sick and it was hot so I sort of skipped dinner a lot of nights.
  • Dinner out only two nights. (After dance class with Gia and maybe sushi or pizza one night.) See above. I really only ate a salad for dinner last night and dinner at a party Sunday.
  • List clutch on Etsy. – I’m working on the copy for it…sometimes it just doesn’t come together.
  • Sort and box up movies, spices, dresser and maybe my closet for the move. Closet doesn’t get boxed, but it can be sorted and purged. Extra spices packed, dresser and I started sorting and purging the closet and dresser. Also I started to box up other kitchen supplies, but am not even close to being done with that! (I still need some of it…)
  • Finish book I’m reading and choose another to read before bed. This one was a little slow getting started, but it’s definitely picked up! Hopefully, I’ll have it done tonight.

So that’s it for me. How did you do this week? If you blogged it, please feel free to leave the link in the comment section!



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