Challenges for this week (May 16-22) Recap

Goals Challenges for this week (May 16-22, 2011):

  • Bring lunch all work week other than travel day. Eat out no more than 2x over the weekend.  Friday wasn’t a great day and I needed to get out of the office so I zipped over to Subway for half a sub. The rest of the weekend was fine. Lunch out on Saturday and coffee out on Sunday.
  • Take printer to get fixed (under warranty) No, I still haven’t done this. I HAVE to do it this week because I have stuff to print!
  • No groceries outside of fresh/frozen fruit, yogurt, milk, and a cake mix for a little friend’s birthday. And a skein of yarn for a specific Etsy project. This one to be exact. In the interest of full disclosure, I also picked up Worchestershire sauce. I put it on everything and I was out. And I picked up some lunches yesterday for the week.
  • Dinner out only one night. (After dance class with Gia!) YES!!
  • Sort books in to Keep, Maybe Keep, and Get the Hell Out of My House Donate. Donate the ones I don’t want. My book shelves look so empty. I haven’t taken the books to the Library yet, but I have some DVDs that I think will go too so that will wait a few more days.
  • Finish book I’m reading and choose another to read before bed. Still working on the one from last week. It’s not as good (yet) as the last one and it’s taking a little bit to get into it. 

So that’s it for me. How did you do this week? If you blogged it, please feel free to leave the link in the comment section!



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