This time I was prepared…

In the next few days, I’ll have to write a check out for the deposit on the new apartment. That guy I like a whole lot has been great about getting me his part of the money for the move and what not when I’ve needed it so that is super helpful, but I have to put in my part too!

Previously when I’ve had to do things like this, it always hurt a lot because I hadn’t really prepared for it. I’d shuffle things around and something invariably wouldn’t get paid on time because of it.

It was stressful.

But because I’ve been saving specifically for this, I was able to take it from savings and move it to my checking account so that when it’s time to write that check, I don’t have to worry that something else might not get paid. Sure, it’ll sting a little, doesn’t it always? But I have the money so the sting isn’t stress this time.

And that feels good.

Will it always be that I’ve managed to save the money first before I need it? Not always and I recognize that…but this time I did and will continue to try to be ahead of that ball.

How about you? Are you one who tries to anticipate what’s coming and be prepared or do you wing it and hope for the best?


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