To Pay or Not to Pay…

…rent on two places, that is the question.

We got the apartment that we wanted which is awesome, but it’s not available until July or August which is not most excellent.

My current land lord is willing to let us extend the lease until August so long as I’m willing to show the apartment (which I am) but my current debate is if I want to spend the money and pay for both places to make moving easier.

(I’ve considered asking about prorating my rent for a week or two, but am fairly certain neither landlord won’t go for it.)

My sanity is worth quite a bit to me, so I’m inclined to do it. It would mean that I could take the time to clean the new place, move everything and then clean the old place. It’ll also allow for a “weekend move” when more people (hopefully) are available to help if I provide them with food and beer.

But then again, it’s a good chunk of money that although I have, I don’t know that I really want to spend it on this. I’d much rather spend it on a new couch or bedding and what not.

First things first, we will have to figure out when the other people are leaving because if they can’t leave until July, then it won’t matter. After that we can figure out what we want to do about paying rent on two places.

What would you do if given the option? Would you pay for both places for sanity’s sake?


2 Responses to “To Pay or Not to Pay…”

  1. Paul M Says:

    Having two places for about 1.5 weeks was huge for my sanity and totally worth it! I could clean the other place really well, paint, and stock the kitchen and some other small stuff before moving. I’d go for it if you can afford it.

  2. Sue Says:

    If you can afford it, I say it’s worth the money. You can save up again for that other stuff, which will be there whenever you’re ready. Sanity, though, is tough to recover once it’s gone.

    Pluuusss… if you throw a really nice housewarming party, you never know. Some really cool friend might bring the new bedding you’re hoping for.

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