Insurance: Shop around or pay what’s “fair”

I’m one of those people who understand insurance. Ok, I don’t understand it really, but I understand that I pay for it so that if there’s a problem I have some piece of mine. I’m willing to pay for my sanity – within reason.

A couple of weeks ago I received my renewal statement for my auto and renters insurance from Liberty Mutual. To say I was less than pleased would be an understatement.

I was downright pissed off about it. (If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen it.)

With the exception of one minor bump (literally, I bumped into a car at the airport) that they had to pay out less than $700 on (the only pay out they’ve had on me in the 3 years that I’ve been with them so the rest of my premiums was theirs to use as they needed) I’ve been nothing but the perfect customer.  I pay my premiums on time (thank you auto pay) and I almost never call them. If I do call them, I’m super friendly and usually assume that what I’m’ calling about is my fault or that I misunderstood something. I’ve also encouraged others to check them out while I’ve been a customer.

No more.

Without rhyme or reason, they jacked my auto insurance rates up by about $400 a year plus an additional increase in my renters insurance. Well, I’m sure they had a reason, but it wasn’t in the paperwork other than to say their expenses have gone up 20%…which is my fault how? I get that my premiums pay for others accidents and people’s wages etc, but let’s get real here…

Today, I called another insurance company – Allstate –  and got a quote. While they only do their auto policies in 6 month increments, they got me a price for the same coverage that was actually less than I paid last year. I’ll have to pay it again in 6 months, but whatever. It’s not $400 more than last year.  I took it.

I know I could have looked around a bit and maybe saved a few more bucks but really? I was comfortable with the number I was given and thought it was a fair price to pay.  It’s not worth my time or aggravation to search for a better price because my sanity will suffer.

I’d like to give Tony at Allstate a shout out and say thanks for being helpful and ask you this:

Do you shop around for your insurance for the absolute best price or do you pay what you consider a fair price and call it a day?

I was not compensated in any way for this post. The opinions are mine and I felt like sharing.


3 Responses to “Insurance: Shop around or pay what’s “fair””

  1. Sue Says:

    Unfortunately – I do understand insurance. I’m also licensed to sell it, which is a whole other story. I shop because I know I should. But there’s a line – I am willing to pay for quality. Insurance isn’t something that should be bargain-basemented.

  2. Emily Says:

    If you have any military in your family you can call USAA. My family has been with USAA for 30 years and I’ve personally been with them for 6. I pay $290 every 6 months for both renters and car insurance on two cars. It’s worth calling and getting a quote. I’ve never found a company that goes as low with insurance as USAA.

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