A $146.70 Lesson

And boy did it sting…

When I leave my apartment, I turn the lock on the door behind me and go because usually the keys are in my hand or my bag. (I keep my car keys and house keys separate so that they’re less bulky and I can slip my car key into my pocket at the gym.)

Saturday, I went to the store to get produce like groceries. When I got back, I took my bags of fruit and diary into the house and thought about how much I needed to lay down. As I was getting settled, putting my things where they belonged and putting the food away, I realized  I had left my phone in the car. No biggie, I’ll run out and get them then finish the rest.

With car keys in hand, I walked  out the door. Locking it behind me. (Of course.)

Wait. I looked down at my hands…I had already hung the house keys up on the hook by the door.

I was really tempted to cry, but I didn’t. First I looked in the maintenance guy’s closet at the end of the hall to see if there was anything I could use to break into my house or maybe even a spare key. Hey! You never know…

There wasn’t though.

Next? I called the people I thought might have a spare key to my place. One I know is in Chicago which is a huge help of course and I thought a couple other people might have one so I gave them a ring, but to my chagrin, they did not.

Here’s the thing. It’s February and chilly out. Granted it’s a bit warmer than last week, but it was NOT warm and all I had on was a fleece. I thought about going to the store to see about getting the items I might need to break in and realized that wouldn’t work – my wallet was on the futon right next to my keys.

I called Daddy-O and he said that he could come up but I’d have to wait for him (about 2 hours out) to help or I could try a locksmith. He was pretty sure they would likely be ABLE to let me in, but would they be WILLING? Well, there was only one way to find out!

I started calling around and finally found someone who had an available person to come to my house, all they wanted to see was my license and a check or cash for $135. (Seems a little shady, but OK I could do that.)

So to make a long story short, guy showed up, let me in, asked to see my license and for my phone number, wrote a bunch of stuff down and left with my check in hand. It took him 20 seconds to get in my apartment and 12 times that for me to find my check book.

What was the other $11.70? That’s me getting 3 new sets of keys made which I’m putting around town in case this happens again. Let’s hope it doesn’t. I’m trying to SAVE money, not spend it on stupid things like locksmiths.

Expensive lesson learned. Make keys ahead of time and know where they are!

What’s an expensive lesson you had to learn the hard way?


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