The shoe shopping date that wasn’t

bandalino shoeIt was a great date, but it was not shoe shopping. Let me explain…

Last night I had plans for dinner and shoe shopping with a friend. We are both shoe lovers so I was expecting an evening of great fun.

The dinner was good, the conversation was great and we shared many laughs but then it was time for shoes. Typically, I’m made fun of for my slightly extensive shoe collection. What can I say? I adore shoes.

And I was ready! I had my gift card to one shoe store that has such an extensive selection I was sure I could find something to love and take home to be mine – possibly even the shoes I’ve been eying for months now.  (Yes that’s the pretty shoes. They’re Bandolino and not only available here, but at a few other places as well.)

I had my card for Macys if they were offering an additional discount for using it and I knew I could find my pretty shoes there if I didn’t find them elsewhere.

We started out at the store I had my gift card at and was just shocked by all the ugly. Seriously. There were so many ugly shoes! (Tomorrow over on Cute~Ella is I’ll feature some of them with commentary.)  Here’s just a mess gladiators?

They did have my pretty shoes at that store for the same price they are sold for in Macys, but they didn’t have them in my size.

We continued on, making our way though the shoe stores in the mall. We were looking for a specific pair of red shoes I had seen several times for my friend and generally looking for my pretty shoes or something else that caught my eyes.

Ultimately, I didn’t buy any shoes. Gasp. I know, I know.

I had planned on it, put money aside for them and was all ready to go.  Was it a function of being so overwhelmed by all the ugly and therefore disenchanted about shoes over all?

Was it a function of me doing well with my savings goals and part of me feeling like it wasn’t worth spending the money? Or possibly the design universe cooperating with my savings plans and challenges? (There was a whole lot of ugly in general throughout the mall. New York and Company and Deb? I’m looking at you!)

Was it something else? I don’t know. I do know that when we ended up at Macys at the end of the night, I just couldn’t buy my pretty shoes. Part of that made me sad, but the other part of me just said that, “Maybe it’s just not meant to be…” And all of me is thinking that the time spent with my friend was well worth the ugly shoes…especially when we had so many much needed laughs over the ugly shoes.

Have you ever planned on buying something, had the place picked out, money put aside and everything only not to be able to do it when you got there?


2 Responses to “The shoe shopping date that wasn’t”

  1. Sue Says:

    It made me sad that we couldn’t find shoes – but, I think a person just has to find the right shoe to love. It’s a choice that shouldn’t be made lightly.

    Plus there was a whole lot of ugly out there.

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