Challenges for this week (Feb 7-13, 2011) Recap

I’ve decided that it’ll be more “fun” to call my goals challenges. I can be a fairly competitive person (with myself) so I think this will help more. Also, you should know that my weeks go Monday to Sunday.

Goals Challenges for this week (Feb 7-13, 2011):

  • Take clothes I don’t want to Clothes Mentor or to donate. Nope.
  • Bring lunch 4 days this week. I brought lunch 3 days. One day I went out with Mom and Friday I had to get lunch.
  • Move money around and put 75% of swim pay in savings (25% in Cap Com and 50% in ING) Yes!
  • Get groceries as in ONLY what’s needed (Make a list and stick to it!) Do laundry with only cash on hand. I did. I added one thing to the list at the store though, razors, but I meant to put them on the list at home. Laundry didn’t get done.
  • Finish current Etsy project, list and promote. Post and promote The Lauren. No on the first one. Yes on the second one! But I called it the Daisy Next Door. And it’s so cute.
  • Test drive 2 cars. Nope. Worked through lunch and then opted to relax in the evening.

How did you do with your challenges for last week? (If you’ve posted about them, please feel free to put the link in the comment section!)



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