Challenges for January 2011 – Recap

Here were my challenges for the remainder of January:

  • Eat Dinner out (including take out)  no more than 2 times not counting #missionsushitour I actually didn’t eat out for dinner at all from Jan 10 on. Before that I had sushi one night and we ordered pizza in one night. Wow. I’m impressed with myself on that one!
  • Organize Tax documents – Yes and I’ve already started my taxes.
  • Make sure I’ve maxed out FSA for the year. Done!
  • Save 50% of Swim Pay Checks to ING accounts – YES! And a bit got tucked into my CapCom Savings too.
  • Improve savings goals by $500. I did, actually by $647.79

(Here’s where I stand now. Double click to see it bigger.)


How did you do on your monthly challenges?


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