Challenges for February 2011

I found that establishing challenges for the month of January helpful in being more careful with my money. You can see how I did with that one here if you’d like. I also found my Mint account helpful in tracking all this.

This month here are my challenges for myself:

  • Save $400 towards my goals. (I have to save for a tax bill so this had to be reduced a bit from last month.)
  • Outside of #missionsushitour and my trip to Chicago, eat dinner out (including take out) no more than 2x
  • Update photos and listings on Etsy to include new items and better photos of current items.
  • No clothing purchases outside of maybe a new bathing suit for the pool. (I should be good on this, but I’ve had the ones I wear now since October and sometimes they just give up on pool life. Unless I want to show my goods, I have to replace them when this happens.)
  • Donate to two charities. (One from a friend and one I’ve never donated to before.)

What are you working on this  month?


One Response to “Challenges for February 2011”

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