Clothes Mentor – some thoughts

Yesterday, I was heading over to one of my favorite places to find a bargain, Ocean State Job Lot because I was looking for a few items and had high hopes they would have them.

I was meeting a friend and got there a bit early so I thought I’d wander around the plaza and kill some time. I found a Clothes Mentor and was poking around.

Do you know what Clothes Mentor is? It’s a shop that buys and sells women’s clothing. They’ll take your “high-end” items off your hands and give you cash for them on the spot. (I put “high-end” in quotes like that because while they had many brand names, they also had a considerable amount from Target and Walmart too. Good pieces? Possibly, but still, they’re not high-end.) They also purchase REAL designer bags and apparently the manager is certified to ID fakes.

I poked around a bit and saw some stuff I really liked but wasn’t in the mood to try on or find a home for in my closet (yet) so I didn’t get anything.

What I did do, though, was ask how it works.

You bring them clothes and accessories, they go through them and buy what they want if you agree to the amount and you take the rest home or can donate them to the City Mission. Sweet, I didn’t even have to take stuff with me!

(Some people do opt not to take what they offer and list items on eBay etc for better prices. I don’t have time for that.)

I happened to have that bag of clothes in my car looking for a drop off place and figured why not…while I knew that I wouldn’t see much for them, I was surprised that even though they were looking for spring and summer items – which were included in the bag, they didn’t want some of the skirts and dresses.  They ended up buying a few accessories that were in the bag and nothing else.

I may have misplayed my hand though. When I asked what they did with the clothes they didn’t want and they told me about the donation, I said, “Sweet. I don’t want to cart that stuff around with me.” I’m wondering if by saying that, did it   suggest to them that they could keep some of the items and resell them without paying me for them? (I’m not saying that’s what happened, I’m wondering if it’s  possible.)

But it’s not a mistake I’ll make again for sure. Also, I would be interested to see if some of the items end up on their shelves anyway.

Have you had any experiences with Clothes Mentor or their sister store for teens Plato’s Closet? Do you have any tips for me or other readers who might be considering taking clothes to them?


5 Responses to “Clothes Mentor – some thoughts”

  1. Albany Jane Says:

    I walk in figuring they won’t buy anything, and if they do – bonus. But for the most part, what they buy is kind of curious. Part of me wanted to ask them to keep an article of clothing because it was practically brand new and seemed like exactly what they’d sell!

    And yeah, I’d say it’s “high end” in comparison to Plato’s closet and your typical Salvation Army, but most of their brands are what you’d find in a mall – not Gucci or Prada, heheh.

    Still, I like ’em. The one in Albany’s always got a decent selection and quality.

    • cuteellaisbold Says:

      I had a similar logic, but I was sort of surprised because they had specifically said they were looking for items included in the bag. I’m going to try again and will keep all posted!

  2. Sue Says:

    Thanks for the link! The one in Albany does have a good selection. I found Kate Spade, Coach and Dooney & Bourke purses that were definitely real. I found some Jones New York and Charter Club on the racks – mixed in with Style & Co, Merona and Cherokee. So, definitely some “high end” but not all. Personally, I wouldn’t even call Jones New York high end, but they’re going to get what people buy around here – and that’s about as high end as it gets in these parts.

    I will let you know how my selling experience goes. I have some purses (all real) and a leather coat (also real, obvs) to start; will move on to the closet if it seems worth the effort.

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