Want to, but not “allowed” to…

You might recall that I’ve made this a no spending week for myself outside of gas for the car, and some food items for the weekend and here I am on Wednesday and it’s, well, ok so far. Truth be told I don’t NEED to spend money on anything this week because I’m good on light bulbs, toilet paper, milk and other food items. (I should add that I did pay some bills that needed to be paid, but that’s not frivolous spending. Paying bills as a grown-up is mandatory.)

Do I want to spend money this week? Totally. I found Wii Fit on sale on Amazon and I have a gift card for the majority of it. I found a pair of shoes similar to ones I’ve been eying  for the last few months (and would buy in a heart beat if someone had my size in stock!) and I wanted Chipotle Chicken burritos yesterday like it’s my job.

But it’s not “allowed” right now, so I won’t let myself.

Do I need these things? Not at all, do I want them? Yep. And I believe with my whole heart that if I was “allowed” to purchase them, I wouldn’t think twice about them.

It’s like when you go back on a diet after eating food that’s not great for you for awhile…you’re not supposed to have the cookies so you really really want them (or ice cream, or pie, or donuts…Whatever it is you want.)

Is it just me or do we all want things RIGHT THEN when we’re telling ourselves we can’t have them (yet)? How do you tell yourself, “No.?


2 Responses to “Want to, but not “allowed” to…”

  1. FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com Says:

    I’d say when I feel like that, that it’s too restrictive and I clearly need money to spend a little or else I’ll just go on some crazy binge and end up with Chipotle burritos around my face on the floor, moaning “no more..”

    • cuteellaisbold Says:

      Noted, perhaps I’ll pick up food stuff for this weekend’s Dexter marathon and see if that works for me. Oh, by the way that was an awesome mental image!

      Cute~Ella is Bold, Sassy and on the go!

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