Challenge for the Week and the remainder of January

I’ve decided that it’ll be more “fun” to call my goals challenges. I can be a fairly competitive person (with myself) so I think this will help more. Also, you should know that my weeks go Monday to Sunday.

Goals Challenges for this week (Jan 10-16, 2011):

  • Bring lunch 4 days (Friday’s lunch is being provided by the office this week!
  • No spending other than Saturday morning coffee/tea, dinner supplies for Saturday/Sunday Dexter Marathon with friends and gas for the car. (This includes online buying even with gift cards!)
  • Come up with 10 financial goals for my relaunching of 101 Things in 1,001 Days.
  • Clean out 5-10 items from closet to donate to charity and get rid of those items not worn and not donated!
  • Make Donation to January’s Charity The Smile Train.

Challenges for January 2011:

  • Eat Dinner out (including take out)  no more than 2 times not counting #missionsushitour
  • Organize Tax documents
  • Make sure I’ve maxed out FSA for the year.
  • Save 50% of Swim Pay Checks to ING accounts
  • Improve savings goals by $500 (Here’s where I stand now.)

(Click on it to see it bigger)

What are you working on this week and month?


4 Responses to “Challenge for the Week and the remainder of January”

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