Christmas? Gulp.

Who said that Christmas could be less than a month away? Who? I demand to know who!

Kidding, kidding. Sort of…No matter how much I plan, I’m almost always caught off guard when we get to this point in the year. Presents to buy, stuff to make/bake, people to see.  It seems like every year I find more people to buy/make presents for – not that I’m complaining, I love giving presents!

But it can get sort of expensive. I know it doesn’t have to, but I also know that I like giving those gifts that people wouldn’t get for themselves.  The red sweater my mother was loving but wouldn’t buy herself, the bedding my father needed but wouldn’t get for himself, date night for friends – complete with babysitting to name a few from previous years, I’m not telling what the presents are for this year! I try to find something special and really take the time to think about what I should get for each person on my list.

Yes, it takes a lot of time and yes, I spend quite a bit of money.

My questions for you today are this: Are you ready? Are you done and wrapped? Do you decide what you’ll be getting people early in the year and budget accordingly OR do you budget an amount and then find the gift to fit that amount?


2 Responses to “Christmas? Gulp.”

  1. Sue Says:

    I used to be totally on the ball with this stuff. One year, I had everything purchased, wrapped and all my cards addressed by Thanksgiving. I also used to set a budget and do my best to stick to it.

    Since divorcing, when all has to be done on my own and with half the money, I’m less on time. So, I have started shopping, but still have more to go; nothing is wrapped and my cards are purchased but still in the box.

    As far as budgets go – I set an amount and try to fit my shopping into that number. But that doesn’t always work. If I find something I really want to get for someone, I work it out somehow.

    My decorations are up though!

  2. dozenroses13 Says:

    I’m never ready, and I’m never done. I’m always shocked if I can get cards mailed out. I get ideas of things I’d like to buy and/or make for people and try to get them for the best deal possible. I am a huge bargain shopper. I am VERY organized when Black Friday rolls around. We made a good dent on Friday. Nothing is wrapped. I usually start wrapping about a week prior so that I don’t forget what I got for people…. I make lists, but it’s not the same.

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