Does meeting goals have to equate to getting rewards?

Yesterday I indicated that I had met 2 of my little goals. It felt so good that I decided I should reward myself for doing so. Since they were little goals, they got little rewards.

What did I reward myself with you ask? Four things: yarn, buttons, Baked Cheetos and Cheez-Its.  The yarn and buttons are for holiday and Etsy projects, the Baked Cheetos and Cheez-Its are for my tummy.  Do I really need more yarn? Nah, not really…but I wanted this yarn and set of buttons for specific projects to use to make gifts for the holidays. (Bonus being that there will be extra yarn for me to make more Etsy stuff with!)

I realize that doing well should be reward enough, but sometimes I know I’ll need a little something extra to get me to the next step.  (And hopefully, some of this reward will give a little boost to the next step.)

(Similarly, I find that when I’m working hard on losing weight, rewarding myself with a new – smaller – pair of pants or top helps stay focused.)

I’m pretty close to getting to one of my other goals too – hopefully by the end of December. Will I reward this next one too? I don’t know.

How about you? Do you reward yourself when you meet goals? Do you establish what the reward will be when setting the goal in the first place? Do you consider the achievement goal enough?


2 Responses to “Does meeting goals have to equate to getting rewards?”

  1. KicknKnit Says:

    Yarn is a fantabulous reward.. no calories.

    of course, that is why my stash is heeeuuuuuuge.

    • cuteellaisbold Says:

      Mine’s pretty impressive too. After this holiday season, if I don’t have a specific cause to purchase some – like a requested project – then no more for a LONG time. 🙂

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