They’re little goals, but they’re MY goals!

Today is pay-day and usually that would inspire me to go YAY! Today though, I teared up just a little because it meant that two of my little goals have been met. They’re not big goals, no. Together they amount to $200, but you know what?


Part of my struggle with money is that there’s always something to buy, a new craft idea or recipe to try, something to go and do…it’s totally easier to eat out than get home late and make something for myself and I’m a sucker for some of the people at the store entrances who are doing fund-raising. (Depending on what group they’re with, some are just not interesting to me. Like the cheerleaders. No, they don’t get my money. Veterans? Firemen? They do!)

But I said no to myself in the last couple weeks. I didn’t but crafting supplies outside the ones I needed for a crocheted hat that someone had specifically requested. (Bonus? I’m expecting the payment for those in the next week or so!) I didn’t buy the new shoes I adored – even though technically, I should replace mine. I didn’t order pizza or Chinese when I got home from the pool even though I was hungry enough to eat my own arm off.

I said no to me. I was good and it paid off.

They’re little goals and a drop in the bucket compared to some, but I did it!

What little goals (financial or otherwise) have you achieved lately?


One Response to “They’re little goals, but they’re MY goals!”

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