Grown-up? Somedays!

I’ve seen a few posts about “growing up” and not relating to others so I thought I’d throw my two cents in for what they’re worth…(You can read what Little Miss Moneybags has to say about it here, what Give Me Back My Five Bucks has to say about it here and what Fabulously Broke has to say about it here.

Here I am, sitting at my desk editing this post at my third “grown-up” job. Well, second depending on if you consider JobCorp to be real…and in many ways it was so I’m going with third. I’ve been at this job longer than I’ve had any job in my entire life (short of the lifeguard summer gigs.) and that alone makes me feel more mature I suppose.

But, do I feel like a “grown-up”? Some days. The days when I’m being forced to think about my health insurance or retirement fund, putting something back at the store because it will put you over the “limit” for that day, the nights where I realize there’s not a whole lot to eat for dinner because I didn’t go to the grocery store, and yesterday when I gave my kitchen a deep clean I certainly did feel like a “grown-up”.

Some days when I have cereal for dinner because I can or am waiting for my paycheck so I can finish paying bills I really don’t. I’m technically not living pay check to pay check, but there are days it feels like it.

I look at the kids I work with at the pool who think they are so “grown-up” with their jobs, their first apartments and their cars etc. I smile because they have so much to learn but then am reminded that so do I. There’s more than 10 years between some of them and I so while we might not have lots in common, I try to find something to relate to with all of them. I don’t understand some of their fashion choices, why the one guy is dating several girls or how the hell they watch The Jersey Shore, tan so much or make some of the choices that they do – but they’re learning…

What do I understand about them? I know that one of them finds psychology fascinating so sometimes we talk about her class there, one signs and worked at a deaf camp for several summers so we sign to each other and talk about her calculus class she’s taking to get prerequisite classes out-of-the-way for college. Then there is one who doesn’t have a big sister so he runs things by me as if I was his, and one is a huge hockey fan…I believe it’s important to connect to the people around you, so we find a way. Something more than one of us has in common is that we’re struggling with how we can pay for school, classes, a newer car, being the best friend we can possibly be and so much more.

(The people I work with at my other job are typically a little easier to relate to, but sometimes it’s hard. They’re buying houses, getting married or have kids. Some are getting their kids ready for college or their weddings and many are closer to retirement than the beginning of their careers. But there’s a way to relate to all of them, you just have to find it.)

Will we be able to relate about everything? Nope. Never. Then again I never really was like most of my friends my own age so finding something to relate to another person outside my age group isn’t that big of a stretch.

How about you? Do you feel like a “grown-up”? Do you feel like you can relate to the people you work with?

Being “grown-up” isn’t half as fun as growing up…


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