Chores by Gender…

(Not a post about savings, goals or money, but interesting to think about and I’d love your input.)

I’ve seen a few of these posts floating around and while they don’t apply to me currently because I live alone I can tell you about the chores growing up and how I might like them to be when my boyfriend moves here. (Tentatively June ’11)

My parents divorced when I was little – like 5yrs old – so I always had a slightly different model than a lot of kids. Both parents had to do it all so my brother and I pitched in doing whatever they asked. My dad is a great cook and my mom paints walls like it’s her job. Mom’s better at laundry and dad loves mowing the lawn. My brother and I can do it all, and literally have at one point or another.

Gender gets taken out of the equation when it HAS to be done.

My brother and I certainly had chores. He mowed the lawn and I cleaned the bathroom. It wasn’t because he is a male so he had his job and I was a girl so I had my job, it was because grass makes me sneeze/wheeze but not him and I like a clean bathroom but he doesn’t care. We both took out the garbage, we both shoveled snow, we both got tapped for other chores as our mom or dad needed them done. We can both cook and bake (although I’m better-mostly because I take the time) and we both can iron, repair a button or seam etc.

As I mentioned before, in June my boyfriend is planning on moving out here after he’s done with grad school. I don’t know how things will shake out when he’s here. (Right now, unless he’s here, I do it all and I try to make it so there isn’t anything chore like to do when he visits.)

I would like to hire someone to come in a couple of times a month to do dusting and stuff that I don’t like doing, but that probably won’t happen. I have a feeling that I’ll do the cooking because he’s still learning how in a lot of ways (but I will do so with him learning by my side!) I’ll do the bathroom (except for hair in the sink-that skeeves me out) because I like clean bathrooms, and I’m not sure how the rest will fall out. I’m fairly certain that we’ll do grocery shopping together because as of now it’s actually an enjoyable time. Besides, that way we get what we want for lunches and what not.

Will we have a set division other than what I’ve out lined above? Maybe, I don’t know. I do know that I’m fully capable of taking out the garbage, hanging shelves, changing light bulbs and more so I don’t know what will end up happening.

How about you? How do your household chores shake out? Do you have set chores or do you just do what needs to get done?


5 Responses to “Chores by Gender…”

  1. Frank Says:

    I can take the garbage out. Does sitting around looking good count as an additional chore?

  2. Sue Says:

    Believe it or not, I actually have a response to this… But it’ll take all day. 🙂

    You’re lucky that you can do it all. I can now, but it wasn’t always that way. Luckily, I’m a quick study and a good problem solver.

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