Goals Are Good Things (Nov ’11)

Over on my other blog I usually sometimes make a list of goals for the week. (Sometimes I get busy and don’t do it.) I was reading Stacking Pennies yesterday and saw her Goal Results for October and it occurred to me that I could absolutely set little goals for myself for the month of November.

Because I have another blog to track my personal goals for the month, I’ll keep these monthly goals limited to those that affect my financial world.

1. Save 75% of second job paycheck – this amount varies on actual dollar value depending on how many hours I actually work. I can usually guess the approximate amount, but I don’t really look at total hours I work every week (it’s between 13 and 20 normally) and let me tell you, those extra 15 min here and there add up! I’ll try to start paying attention to this so I have a better gauge of it in coming weeks/months.

2. Stick to $40 per week groceries

3. Limit lunch out to 5 times for the month. (Sometimes it just has to be done because errands have to be done during lunch.)

4. Take books to used book store for either credit or cash. (Bonus! Clearing some of the clutter in my apartment.)

5. Sell 5 items through either Etsy or people who have asked. (I’m a crafter and have a pretty decent interest in my work, just not a whole lot of time to do it.)

I don’t know if those are the best goals, but for now they will do.

What goals do you have for the month, financial or otherwise?


2 Responses to “Goals Are Good Things (Nov ’11)”

  1. SP Says:

    Thanks for the link! Welcome to the PF world!

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