Where do I start?

I’m in a place that isn’t that financially isn’t that bad. I have “enough” money (Is it ever really “enough”?) I usually pay my bills on time and when I don’t it’s more a function of me forgetting than not being able to do so. (And really, I’m much better about this than I was!)

Between my two jobs, I make between $32K and $40k a year depending on how much I work at my second job. While I understand that is really pretty good just for myself, I do work a lot for that. Would it be easier if we were paid more at my full time job? Yes, but that’s not the situation I was handed and the economy is pretty rough at the moment so I work a second job to fill in the gaps. (Leaving my current job isn’t a great idea due to some perks and retirement that is attached to it.)

I realize that many people do live on much less for one person and before you ask, I can tell you where it goes: Hobby supplies, clothes, shoes, dinners out, gifts for friends and family, road trips

My debt consists of student loans (about $7,500), my Macy’s card and my NY&Co card which combined have less than $500 on them and I make twice the minimum payment – or more – each month. I could pay them off quickly, but I’m using them to rebuild some spotty credit from the past.

Awhile ago, I started thinking about saving money, that I wanted to be the responsible adult that I know I can be and to start to provide a cushion for myself that I don’t really have now.  Let’s face it, I’ve been incredibly lucky so far that I’ve not really needed it or that I was able to ask my parents for help if and when I did.

But I’m thinking about getting married and having kiddos and while my parents will help out if I ask and they can, I don’t want to go there anymore.

I have been reading financial blogs and articles lately and while I’m still working out some specifics, I have set some what I consider to be attainable goals. They may be lofty, but I really believe that I can do it.

All told, I’m about $21,000 away from my goal. To put it in perspective, that’s almost a full year of take home from my full time job.

Below are my savings goals. Like I said, perhaps lofty, but attainable. Click to  see it bigger.

Why am I blogging about this when so many people don’t talk about money? A couple reasons off the top of my head…accountability, moral support, and I’m hoping that I’ll find like minded people who can offer ideas.

(I reserve the right to modify goals as I go along. Nothing in life is set in stone and neither is this.)


5 Responses to “Where do I start?”

  1. Sue Says:

    I support your goals. I am, however, not a good person to give advice on money or budgeting. I am awful at both, and presently in a very bad situation because of my lack of budgeting.

    I will be a very enthusiastic cheerleader from the sidelines. Go you!!!

  2. Albany Jane Says:

    Hizzah for budgeting!

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  4. FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com Says:

    If you need any help at all, let me (or us, in the PF community) know! There are tons of us to read, you can check out my blogroll here of some of the best blogs on the web:


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